Richard Roy Van Patten
1909 - 1983
Bernice Margaret Thorstad
1911 - 1979
Richard Roy Van Patten
Photo taken: 1961
Richard Roy Van Patten
RCMP "Musical Ride"
Richard Roy Van Patten was the son of Conrad and Jane (Ringland) Van
Patten.  He was born on 14DEC1909 in Kylemore, Saskatchewan, Canada and
died on 14MAY1983 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  He was married
on 04JUN1939 in Abbey, Saskatchewan to Bernice Margaret Thorstad who
was born on 03NOV1911 and died on 30MAR1979.  Through this union was
born three children: David Lester (1943), Judith Ann (1951) and James Roy
(1954) Van Patten.

Richard, having been raised on a ranch was already an excellent horseman
when he joined the RCMP on 17OCT1932.  He was Riding-Master for the
RCMP "Musical Ride" from 1950 - 1961 and was an escort of the Canadian
Prime Minister at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  He served in
Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Gaspe and Aylmer and Quebec.  While on tour with
the "Musical Ride" in England, Scotland and Wales, they performed at Windsor
Castle for the Queen.  Richard retired to Nelson, British Columbia on
24NOV1961.  He then served 11 years as a provincial court judge and a further
7 years as Nelson district coroner.
Photos courtesy of Judy (Van Patten) Chorney
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