John Henry Van Patten
1924 - 1967
Gwendolyn Lawyer
1923 - 1994
John & Gwen
John Henry Van Patten, the son of Samuel James and Sarah Ann (Swatling) Van
Patten was born 07AUG1924 in Rotterdam, Schenectady County, New York and
died FEB1967 of throat cancer in Rotterdam, New York.  On 18NOV1945 in
Duanesburg, Schenectady County, New York, John was married to Gwendolyn
H. Lawyer, daughter of Ervin and Gladys (Smeaton) Lawyer.  She was born
07JUL1923 in Duanesburg, New York and died 05JUN1994 in Schenectady, New

To this union were blessed four daughters, Patricia, Linda, Gloria and Cynthia
Van Patten.

John had throat cancer so he had to eat and drink through a tube connected to his
stomach and I remember Uncle John jokingly complaining to Aunt Gwen that his
food was never spicy enough (he couldn't taste anything) and he would always
give a relieved sigh of pleasure when he poured a beer down his tube (of course -
when Aunt Gwen wasn't looking).