Isaac Melville Van Patten
& Family
Photo taken "Easter" of 1915 - Schenectady, NY
Photo is courtesy of Cheryl Conley
* From left to right (sitting on porch) are:
(1.) Edgar Harold Alexander (JUL1888 - ?) [husband of Dora Golda (Van Patten)
(2.) Dorothy Helen Alexander (25MAR1906 - 19AUG2002)
(3.) Clayton Edgar Alexander (04NOV1911 - 03MAR1996)
(4.) George Clifford Alexander (24JAN1908 - ?)
(5.) Gerald James Alexander (02JAN1910 - 10JUN1935)
(6.) Samuel James Van Patten, Jr. (21OCT1914 - 05DEC1981) [son of Sam and
Sarah (Swatling) Van Patten]
(7.) Mildred Ruth Alexander (03MAY1914 - 26AUG2004)

* From left to right (standing on porch) are:
(1.) John Henry Van Patten (JUN1859 - after 1915) (brother of Isaac Melville
Van Patten)
(2.) Isaac Melville Van Patten (1856 - 16JUL1923) [father of Dora Golda (Van
Patten) Alexander and Samuel James Van Patten - who is taking the photo]
(3.) Dora Golda (Van Patten) Alexander (1889 - 05OCT1918) (wife of Edgar
(4.) Sarah Ann (Swatling) Van Patten (27DEC1895 - 14MAY1956) [wife of
Samuel James Van Patten, Sr.]
(5.) Mrs. Ben - housekeeper ???

* Samuel James Van Patten, Sr. is taking this picture, therefore, not in picture.