Frederick Van Patten
1808 - ?
Catherine Saterland
ca.1820 - ?
Frederick Van Patten
Frederick Van Patten was the first of twelve children born to John Baptist and
Elizabeth Van Patten (John And Elizabeth were distant cousins).  Frederick was
born 16SEP1808 in Schenectady, New York and died in Menominee, Wisconsin
or Menominee, Michigan (Menominee became part of Michigan in the 1860's?).  
Frederick attended Union College in Schenectady, New York ca.1830-1832.  
About 1850, he married Catherine Saterland who was born in Canada and died
in Menominee.

Frederick and Catherine had five children.
 Family Line of Frederick & Catherine Van Patten

John Henry Van Patten - 1855-1940
Harold James Van Patten - 1898 - 1957
Harold James Van Patten, Jr. - 1923-1997
Kathryn Louise Van Patten - 1947-
Daniel Ross Van Patten - 1953-
Daniel Ryn Van Patten - 1996-
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