Daniel Ross Van Patten
1953 - 2013
Daniel Van Patten on drums with the band Berlin
Daniel Ross Van Patten; born April 4, 1953 in Santa Ana, Orange Co., CA was
the youngest of three children born to Harold James and Marion Jean (Easton)
Van Patten, Jr.  Daniel died, July 2, 2013 in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Daniel was the drummer in the rock band
Berlin in the late 1970's and early
1980's for five years.  Daniel produced and engineered their biggest album
Pleasure Victim which sold over a million copies.  After he left the band Berlin,
he toured Europe for another five years as a drummer.

Along with Christy Adkins, Daniel had one son.  Daniel "retired" to the country
of Belize in 1997.

Daniel was known as "Drummer Dan" and enjoyed playing his drums and living
the good life in Belize right up to the day he passed.  He played on various days
at beach side establishments including the Road Kill Bar, Legends Burger House
and Crazy Canucks Beach Bar in San Pedro (not much of a retirement ???).

His obituary in the San Pedro Daily is as informal as the life that he lived.
"Dan was one of those characters that you could not pass by without saying hi".
"Dan died doing what he loved doing, with the people he loved, in a place he
chose to call home".

Dan was a free spirit who loved and enjoyed life each and every day, yet he
departed this Earth, much too soon.
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Daniel Van Patten (small boy), meeting Senator and Mrs.Richard
Nixon in 1958.  The adults behind him are not his parents.  He
just walked right up on his own because he wanted to see him.  
(With today's tight security, I doubt that even this cute little boy
could get past the Secret Service agents of today - - man in dark
Drummer Dan in Belize
Drummer Dan in Belize