Dora Golda Van Patten
(1889 - 1918)
and her
Alexander Family
Photo: 1908, Schenectady, New York; Courtesy of Cheryl Conley
L to R: Edgar H. Alexander (husband of Dora Golda Van Patten); the woman
holding the baby is Dora Golda (Van Patten) Alexander, the baby is George Clifford
Alexander; the boy standing next to Dora is unknown at this time; the young girl on
the bottom center is Dorothy Alexander (older sister to George Clifford Alexander);
the gentleman on the far right is George E. Alexander (brother to Edgar H.
Alexander); the woman, standing proud is George Alexander's wife Josephine G.
(Josie) and sitting center are Mr. and Mrs. Alexander [John E. Alexander and Hatie
M. (Porter) Alexander].
Dora Golda Van Patten (also known as Dora Goldie Van Patten) was born in 1889
in Rotterdam, Schenectady Co., New York to Isaac Melville and Phebe Ann
(Simmons) Van Patten.  Dora was the sister of my grandfather, Samuel James Van
Patten.  Dora died in October 1918 in the Great Flu Epidemic that swept the world
at the time.  About 1905, Dora was married to Edgar H. Alexander (who even to
this day is a mystery).  They had five children: Dorothy Helen (1906), George
Clifford (1908), Gerald James (1910), Clayton Edgar (1911) and Mildred Ruth

Nothing much is known of this man and family members even differ on his correct
name.  Three different versions of his disappearance still travel through the family
lines; one being that he was a soldier in WWI when he received word of his wife
(Dora) passing and was unable to return home; second being that he too
succumbed to the Great Flu Epidemic and third being the most unflattering is that
he just got up one day and left the family - never to be heard from again.

Whatever the reason for his disappearance, the result was the same after the death
of Dora - - thier five children were sent to live elsewhere.

More is known of his brother, George E. Alexander as family members remember
Uncle George and Aunt Josie.  They are also listed in the 1920 Schenectady Co.,
New York census:
George E. Alexander; age: 40; Father born: VT; Mother born: NY
Josephine G; age: 44; Father born: Swiss; Mother born: Swiss
Harold; son; age: 9
Charles E; son; age 6

* the unknown boy in above photo may be the older son of George E. Alexander -
not listed in this census?
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