Aaron Van Patten
(1828 - 1903)
and his wife
Phebe Ann Annis
(1837 - 1895)
Aaron Van Patten was born 24JUL1828 in Russia Twp., Herkimer Co., NY to Aaron
Van Patten (1805-1850) and his wife, Maria L. Van Etten (1803-1882).  He is the
second of eleven listed children.  Aaron died 24JAN1903 in Howell, Livingston Co.,

On 15MAR1857, in Marion Twp., Livingston Co., MI - he was married to
Phebe Ann
Annis (1837-1895).

From a Biographical Sketch: 1880 History of Marion Twp., Livingston Co., Michigan:

When Aaron was seven years of age his father moved to Onondaga Co., NY, where
he died in 1844, leaving a family of nine children.  Aaron remained with the family
some ten years after his father's death, but worked "out" a portion of the time.

Wishing to get a home of his own, he came to Livingston Co., Michigan in 1854, and
purchased eighty acres of land upon which there was a
small house and a few acres,
partially improved.  He had money to make a small payment, but had nothing left to
make further improvements.  For the necessaries of life, he worked "out" by the day.

Before his "eighty" (acres) could be paid for, an adjoining one was offered for sale
and Mr. Van Patten, desirous to possess a larger farm, barrowed the money and
purchased it.  (In those days, the money-lender was master of the situation, and the
heavy interest he was obliged to pay added other and more serious burdens to his
already heavy load).  At this juncture, he recieved material aid by marrying, March 15
1857, Miss Pheobe (Phebe) Ann, daughter of Ira P. Annis, who enlisted (Civil War)
in the 26th Michigan Infantry and died in hospital, March 17, 1863 aged forty eight

For several years after Mr. Van Patten was married, the struggle was severe and
progress slow, but by frugal habits and persistant industry, his land has been paid for,
large and substantial buildings erected, the farm put under a high state of cultivation
and a handsome interest account running in his favor.  Mr and Mrs. Van Patten are
consistant members of the Methodist Church.  To them have been born eight children,
five of whom are now living (at the time of this bio) - one son and four daughters.

A sad and romantic footnote states that Aaron never recovered from the death of his
wife, Phebe, in 1895.  He struggled with depression and the bottle (so it is told) and
finally, sadly, he commited suicide on January 24, 1903 at his farm in Howell,
Livingston Co., MI.

On 15MAR1857 in Marion Twp., Livingston Co., MI - he was married to Phebe Ann
Annis, who was born 15JUN1837 in Putnam Co., OH and died 17FEB1895 in
Howell, Livingston Co., MI.

Phebe was the daughter of Ira Phelps Annis (1814-1863) and his wife, Hanna Velitta
Champney (1816-1889).

Phebe Annis' family can be located at:
Annis Family Association
Photo contributed by the Annis Family Association, founded by Michael James Annis
Photo donated to the Association by Virginia Hewitt Watterson
Photo copyrighted by Annis Family Associaion
Photo taken: Fall or Winter of 1873
People are: Aaron Van Patten (standing), his wife, Phebe (Annis) Van Patten (sitting - left); Children: Ada
M., age: 13, born DEC1860, died 1945 (sitting - right); Andrew Jackson, age: 7, born 17MAR1866, died
02SEP1945 (standing - center); Carrie M., age: 5, born APR1868, died 22FEB1946 (standing - left of Phebe);
Willard Elton, age: 3, born 26FEB1870 (sitting on floor) and baby on Mother's lap is Allie M., age: about 6
months, born 21JUN1873, died 13MAY1936.

Other children, either deceased or not born yet are:

Hannah M., born 01MAR1858, died 09SEP1858
Albert Aaron, born 05OCT1859, died 19JUN1873 (two days before Allie was born)
Nellie, born 07JUL1875, died 03JUL1949
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