Van Patten House
(Iowa City, Iowa)
Old Photo
The "Van Patten House" located at 9 South Linn Street, Iowa City, Johnson
County, Iowa was built and occupied in 1874 by carpenter and architect,
George H. Van Patten (1833-1916).

This rare remaining house within downtown Iowa City, was once one of many
stylish residences located on the fringe of downtown.

The Italianate style is known for its Old World style – constructed of natural
materials but highly detailed. Typically, Iowa City homes in this style will have
behemoth boxy structures, rounded archways, tall pillars, dramatic eaves with
ornate corbels, campanile towers and flat-pitched roofs.

The building was inducted in the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

On 24SEP2011, the building was severely damaged by fire that started in the
building behind which was built in 1910 and was currently occupied by a bagel
shop.  Tomorrow, 10JAN2012, the building is slated for complete demolition
due to safety issues.  What a sad day this will be.