Vale Cemetery
  Schenectady, Schenectady Co., NY
Vale Cemetery is a 100 acre cemetery and park located in the heart of
Schenectady, Schenectady Co., NY.

It is beautiful, historic, majestic and spooky.

When I met my wife, Kim back in 1984, she and her family lived on Poplar St., with
her back yard fenced from Vale Cemetery.  This cemetery has always been a
beautiful place to stroll or jog or run during daylight hours, but through the late
1960's to the mid 1980's, this scenic cemetery was a place to totally avoid after
dark.  Various crimes and other dastardly deeds were perpetrated and perfected at
night within Vale Cemetery.

I do understand that Vale Cemetery has recently been totally "cleaned" from it's
"darkness of past ages" and now has security cameras everywhere with semi -
"night vision" (2009).

I did personally drive the many winding roads (many just rut paths) back in 2005 to
locate various "Van Patten" & "Van Petten" family burial places scattered among
these 100 acres and I did come across wild deer and wild turkeys in the early
morning hours while trying to set up an early morning sun gravestone photo shoot.  
I spent 5 different days at various times of the day and almost walked every inch in
search of the "perfect picture" for a Van Patten gravestone.
"V. P." Vale Cem. Records
Van Der Volgen, Geertruy (Van Petten); b. 28JUL1692; d. 22MAR1732
Van Petten, Aeffie Arentsa Bradt; b. 1649; d. 23JAN1728
Van Petten, Andries Claase; b. 10SEP1684; d. 25NOV1748
Van Petten, Claase Frederickse; b. 30MAY1641; d. 03OCT1728
Van Petten, Claes Frederickse "Niclaes"; b. 30MAY1641; d. 03OCT1728
Van Petten, Frederick Dirk; b. 15FEB1761; d. 03AUG1832
Van Petten, Jacob; b. 20MAY1721; d. 23JUL1730
Van Petten, Jacomytje (Van Dyck); b. 15NOV1767; d. ?????
Van Petten' Maccke (Mayken) Ten Eyck; b. 04APR1687; d. 31JN1779
Van Der Bevis, Sarah (Van Patten); b. 1827; d. 14FEB1916
Clute, Anna (Van Patten); b.1808; d. 24???1885
Crane, Sarah M. (Van Patten); b. 28dec1844; d. 13DEC1894
Dodge, Jane (Van Patten); b. 19AUG1826; d. 29MAY1860
Donaha, Sarah (Van Patten); b. 11MAR1844; d. 11DEC1919
Drury, Deborah (Van Patten); b. 1817; d. 1882
Dunbar, Emma (Van Patten); b. 1851; d. 1932
Gervin, Angelica (Van Patten); b. 1798; d. 30JAN1868
Mickle, Martha (Van Patten); b. 03MAR1840; d. 30NOV1870
Miller, Elizabeth (Van Patten); b. 23AUG1823; d. 11JAN1891
Newton, Helen (Van Patten); b. 11MAR1833; d. 12JUL1897
Peek, Sophia (Van Patten); b. 1856; d. 1951
Sitterly, Gertrude (Van Patten); b. 1846; d. 1921
Timeson, Jane (Van Patten); b. 1819; d. 1899
Van Patten, Abraham; b. 1791; d. JUL1861
Van Patten, Abram; b. 1835; d. 28MAY1926
Van Patten, Andrew; b. 03APR1821; d. 19FEB1867
Van Patten, Catherine; b. 27MAR1829; d. 29M AR1900
Van Patten, Charles H.; b. 1814; d. 1886
Van Patten, Charles Harmon; b. 09APR1875; d. 07JAN1893
Van Patten, Charlotte (Bakeman); b. 1846; d. 1925
Van Patten, Chauncey; b. 10NOV1852; d. 28APR1858
Van Patten, Cornelia T; b. 1849; d, 1917
Van Patten, Earl N.; b. 13JAN1907; d. 26MAY1979
Van Patten, Elisabeth; b. 1776; d. 15DEC1856
Van Patten, Eliza (Gervin); b. 1821; d. 02JAN1842
Van Patten, Ella G (Luffman); b. 1859; d. 1930
Van Patten, Farly T.; b. 1818; d 1892
Van Patten, Frances (Brooks); b. 17APR1810; d. 21DEC1893
Van Patten, Fremont L.; b. 1885; d. 1962
Van Patten, George; b. 1848; d. 1907
Van Patten, Grace (Kevan); b. 1823; d. 1856
Van Patten, Hannah (Toll); b. 1783; d. 1875
Van Patten, Harry; b. 09DEC1872; d. 17NOV1915
Van Patten, Henry; b. 1840; d. 1909
Van Patten, Howard A.; b. 1883; d. 1969
Van Patten, Jacob; b. 21JUL1808; d. 05JUL1877
Van Patten, John E.; b. 1861; d. 14NOv1933
Van Patten, John H.; b. unknown; d. 03OCT1900
Van Patten, Lavina; b. 01JAN1830; d. 29DEC1835
Van Patten, Lorenzo; b. JUL1861; d. 25OCT1861
Van Patten, M. Catherine (Carlock); b. 29JAN1824; d. 03DEC1870
Van Patten, Margaret Ann (Scrafford); b. 1837; d. 19FEB1888
Van Patten, Mary; b. 1840; d. 09DEC1845
Van Patten, Mary Jane (Wells); b. 1841; d. 1909
Van Patten, Maud; b. 24AUG1874; d. 12MAY1875
Van Patten, Mina; b. AUG1874; d. 18SEP1874
Van Patten, Nancy Robison (Liddle); b. 01MAR1855; d. 03SEP1938
Van Patten, Nicholas; b. 15DEC1816; d. 07FEB1838
Van Patten, Phillip S.; b. 1812; d. 1848
Van Patten, Rachel; b. 29MAR1789; d. 15OCT1861
Van Patten, Rachel E. (Van Epps); b. 07SEP1837; d. 24FEB1916
Van Patten, Silas Cornelius; b. 15OCT1840; d. 17JUL1932
Van Patten, Simon P.; b. 1782; d. 1861
Van Patten, Sophia; b. unknown; d. unknown
Van Patten, Susan (Van Patten); b. 14AUG1804; d. 14APR1880
Van Patten, Theresa Marie (Wyss); b. 1892; d. 1979
Viele, Rebecca (Van Patten); b. 19JUN1824; d. 29DEC1901