Claes Frederickse Van Petten
                              1641 - 1728

* Listed in various Dutch and English records as Claes, Claas, Nicklaas, etc.

Born: 30MAY1641 in Petten, Noord, Holland, NL; baptized: 02JUN1641 in Petten, Holland
and died: 03OCT1728 in Schenectady, Albany Co., NY.

Claes was the first of his family to come to America.  His father was Frederick Albertse van
Petten.  His grandfather was Albert Albertse of Petten and his great-grandfather was Albert of
Petten.  Claes "may" have come to New Amsterdam (NYC) with a brother, but "proof" is

Claes arrived in New Netherlands (New York) in 1664 and, with Isaac Swits, leased the
bowery of William Teller.  Class bought his first farm in company with Cornelis Viele in 1668
paying a total of 330 beaver skins.  The property, owned by Marten Van Ysselsteyn, was
situated on the west of Claas' brother-in-law, Reyer Schemerhorn at Schenectady.  Claas
moved to Papsne (Papsknee) near Albany, NY in 1683 and so missed the 1690 "Schenectady
Massacre" by the French and Indians.  Claas owned a boat "sloop" at one time that moved
grain along the Hudson River from Albany to New Amsterdam (New York City).

Claes owned slaves as did some of his following generations.

Claes was Roadmaster, Juror and in 1690 he was Justice of the Peace under Governor Leisler.

Claes married (about 1672 in Albany, NY) Aeffie Arentse Bradt; b: 1649 in Albany, NY; d:
23JAN1728 in Schenectady, Albany Co., NY.  Aeffie was the first child born to Arent Anderies
Bradt (1618-1662) and his wife, Catalyntje De Vos (1628-1712).  Arent Bradt was born in
Norway; sailed from Texal on the coast of Holland in the vessel "Rensselaerwyck", built at
Manhattan.  He arrived at New Amsterdam (New York City) 04MAR1637 and was one of the
original proprietors of Schenectady.  Catalyntje's family were Huguenot refugees from France
and her father, Andries De Vos was Deputy-Director of Rensselaerwyck (large area of land
north of present day New York City).
 Lease of farm #5 at Schenectady from Willem Teller to Claes F. Van Petten and Isaack

This day, the 16th of June 1664, Mr. Willem Teller acknowledged that he had let land to the
above men jointly ... consisting of a dwelling house, barn, rick and arable land in two parcels ...
for a term of six years ... on the following conditions: The lessor delivers now to the lessees for
use on the farm six draft horses, namely, three geldings and three mares with a one-year old
stallion colt and another of this year, five milch cows, two heifers and two bull calves of this
year, one heifer in her 3rd year, two sows with 5 pigs four months old and a hog one year old;
which said horses and cattle, the lessees during this lease shall have for the use of the farm for
half the increase, the risk according to the usage in the colony of Rensselaerwyck, and the
increase to be divided every three years, but with respect to said hogs, the lessees are to be
holden to deliver for the first time in the autumn of the year 1665 a hog fit for slaughter, and so
on every year during the lease, and at the end of the lease to deliver over again to the owner
the same number of hogs and of the same age as at present.
The lessor has also delivered to the lessees two plows with their appurttenences and a wagon,
while another wagon shall be delivered next harvest time; also a pot, kettles, churn, milk tubs,
two sleds, three Flemish scythes with two scythe blades, and a grain winnow.
Moreover the land is now sown with 22 skipples of winter wheat, 4 skipples of summer wheat,
3 skipples of white peas, 3 skipples of buckwheat, and also 49 skipples of oats, which said
quantity of sowed grain the lessees promise to leave sowed upon said land at the end of the
lease, for the behoof of the lessor, and also said delivered agricultural implements with house,
barn, rick and garden in fence to deliver over again at the end of the lease in good condition.  
The lessees may at their expense build another rick upon the farm which at the end of the lease
shall be taken over by the lessor at an appraisal by impartial persons in discount of the
promised rent.  For the hire and use of which said farm they, the lessees, in accordance with
the above-written conditions, promise jointly and severally, not
pro rata but in solido, as
principal, to pay every year four hundred guilders in wheat reckoned at ten guilders the
to be delivered here in Beverwyck (Albany) free, besides forty ponds of butter in 1665 as
additional rent and every year the like quantity; likewise every year three days work drawing
wood; and in case of war, or an incursion of enemies (which God forbid), the lesses shall have
none of the burden thereof to bear; but all the expenses chargeable upon the village and land,
for so far as the share of the aforenamed farm during this lease is concerned, shall be borne by
the lessees.  For the performance and execution of what is above-written, the respective parties
hereto mutually bind their persons and estates, nothing excepted, subject to, all courts and
judges.  All in good faith, done in Beverwyck in New Netherland, dated as above.
                                        Signed by: Willem Teller
                                                          Claes Fredericksz van Petten
                                                          This mark X was made by Isaack Cornelisz,
As witnesses                                                          In my presence,
Lourus (Lourens van Alen                                     D. V. Schelluyne, Not. Pub.
Gerit Jansz Hettenberch                                                          1664
Bill of sale from Meus Hoogeboom to Claes van Petten of a half interest in the sloop
Royal Lock

On this 21st day of January 1678-9 appeared before me ... Meus Hoogeboom of the first part
and Claes van Petten of the second part, who hereby acknowledge that in all love and
friendship they have agreed and contracted in form and manner following, to wit: Meuwes
Hoogeboom acknowledges that he has sold to Claes van Petten the half of his sloop (named
de Royael Lock) at present lying here close by New Albany in Steeven's kill ... with
appurtenances, ... sails, ropes, anchors, pot and kettle, bowls ... for which said buyer
promises to pat the aforenamed seller or his order the sum of 118 good, whole, salable beaver
skins at 8 guilders the beaver, but he may pay half of said beavers in good winter wheat at
market price when the payment shall be made; it is stipulated that the first payment, a fourth
part, shall be made in the month of MAY 1679, in good winter wheat, a second fourth part in
the month of August of the same year 1679, in beavers .... must type more !!!
                    Bill of sale of a negro from Amadoor Vopie to Claes van Petten

On this day of May 1682  appeared before me, Adriaen van Ilpendam, notary public,
(residing in New Albany), and before the underwritten witnesses, Amador Vopie of the one
part and Claes van Petten of the other part, who acknowledge hereby that in love and
friendship they have agreed and contracted in manner following, to wit: ... that he has sold to
Claes van Petten a certain negro named Jan, the receipt of which negro the buyer
acknowledges; for which said buyer promises to pay said seller or his order the sum of 50
whole, deliverable beaverskins, but failing of beavers said buyer may pay in good, marketable
winter wheat, or peas, as the market price thereof shall be in beavers, to wit, in the following
four instalments of a just fourth part each, whereof the first payment shall be due on the
beginning of nest autumn of this year 1682.  The 2nd payment next  winter, the 3rd payment
in the autumn of the year 1683 and the 4th in the winter of 1683; and if the buyer make any
payment in wheat, or peas, the same must be delivered here in New Albany free.  Hereto
said contracting parties bind their persons and estates, having and to have, nothing excepted,
subject to all lords, courts, tribunals and judges and they have subscribed this with their own
hands (in presence of Jan van Loon and Willem Holie, witnesses), the date above written.
                                                                  This is the mark "X" of Amadoor Vopie, made
by himself
                                                                                         Klaes van Petten
Witnesses:  Jan van Loon, Willmme Hoyle
Adriaen van Ilpendam, Not. Pub.