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Van Petten, Van Patten, Van Patter
& Van Patton Ancestry

* with or without the space between V and P are both correct

Decendants of
Claas / Claes Frederickse Van Petten (1641-1728)
and his wife
Aeffie Arentse Bradt (1649-1728)

of Schenectady, New York
Current Co-Compiler:

Fran (Van Patter) Hindmarsh - - DECEASED

Jerry W. Wilson
Jerrold Walter Wilson
Schenectady, New York & Tampa, Florida
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The Van Petten
name has changed through the centuries, since coming from
Holland about 1662, as have our long line of V.P. "cousins".  The
journey of
our family has been a long one, therefore, I would like to
dedicate these pages
to all V.P.'s - past, present and future for their contributions.

We always welcome additional statistical and biographical information and old
photos for, and corrections to our files on the Van Petten, Van Patten, Van
Patter, Van Patton and related family lines.  Data is online via computer as an
ongoing family project contributed by members of the V.P. families in various
US states and provinces of Canada. Fran (Van Patter) Hindmarsh's last book
Van Patten Ancestry was a family member "must read" and should
have been on every "V.P.'s" coffee table at the time - -
SORRY - none left.
I hope you enjoy reading these pages
as much as I had creating them.
Jerrold W. Wilson
[My mother, Sarah Janet (Van Patten) Wilson -
was a Van Patten in Rotterdam, Schenectady
Co., NY until her death in MAY2013]
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know about our Patriarch of "V.P." ancestry

Military - "V.P.'s" in the military

Surnames - Many "V.P." names (are your parents or grandparents in
here?)  If not ... Why not?  Please update us into the 21st century !!!

Biography - Colorful stories of our "cousins" and other relatives

Petten, Holland, Netherlands - Photos of "Old Dorp"

Photo Album - Many "V.P." Photos (and always looking for more)

Places called Van Patten - Do YOU know of more?

V.P. Cousins - Various "V.P." Cousin Photos

V.P. Houses - Various Architecture

V.P. Myths, Legends & Stories - Fact or Fiction?

V.P. Name - Origination of our family name

V.P. Resting Place - Photos of "V.P." grave stones

Schenectady Massacre - February 8/9, 1690

Fort Orange - Albany, NY - 1635

Links - various outside links to genealogy websites

History of Petten, Holland - submitted by Daniel R. Van Patten
Last updated 29MAR2021
Older Books (2003) Are No Longer Available:

Fran (Van Patter) Hindmarsh's last Van Patten family book (384 pages -- year
2003) was her third edition (1997 and 2000) and was her most recent update to
our "V.P." family lines in book format.  It was available,
at cost for less than
$30. US and included shipping (from Canada - where she lived), but is
available.  Sorry, as it is now 2018 and the V.P. family records have
just exploded since, because of your many contributions - - Please, very please,
keep the updates coming through to Jerry W. Wilson at astrodog58@aol.com.
and bring us into the 21st century.

Fran had been putting the finishing touches on her latest and final update (2005)
edition of the
Van Patten book before serious health issues took her over.  The
"book" would have been available on a CD and it would had been up to the
purchaser to take this CD to their local "print shop" to have it transferred into
book format.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but since the last update in 2003, the "
" family book (2005) has grown from 384 pages, to well over 500 pages
plus - - with so many new "V.P." family lines and additions/updates to existing
"V.P." families, that the cost of printing multiple copies of the "V.P." family
book would have been just too cost prohibitive (we do this for free and for the
love of our "V.P." ancestry and we are not rich people).

Thank you so very much for your many emails and generous "V.P." family
contributions and updates and photos that bring us into the 21st century.  Please
keep the updates and new "V.P." family information coming.

Jerry W. Wilson (Mother was a Van Patten)
Schenectady, NY/Tampa, FL
Email: astrodog58@aol.com

Welcome to our "V.P." homepage
* started online in 1996
It is with a sad and heavy heart that I announce the passing of two very notable
"V.P." ancestry icons.

First, is the passing of Frances Isabel (Van Patter) Hindmarsh, known by one
and all as Fran (09NO1926-23APR2016).  Fran obtained the 1967 hard cover
book of "VAN PATTEN FAMILY" by Marguerite (Van Patten) Polacek
(1905-1990) and transformed this book into computer records, which took her
very many years.  Fran also traveled the many states of the USA and provinces
of Canada, with her sister, Marion in order to meet and greet (and record and
update) various "V.P." family records.  Fran taught me everything that I know
about "V.P." family genealogy, starting in 1996 and I miss her greatly.

Second is the passing of a "V.P." family warrior, Warren Arthur Roderick of
Washington State (16APR1939-14DEC2017) who tried in 2011 to take the last
uncompleted CD edition (2005) of the "VAN PATTEN" book by Fran (Van
Patter) Hindmarsh (who retired from V.P. family research back in 2005 due to
health reasons).  Warren did successfully publish a "V.P." book from Fran's
uncompleted 2005 CD records, but he fell ill soon after.  We all thank him for his
time, effort and expense.